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Collaborative Technology Real-World Case Studies at the 11th Annual Meeting of ISMPP

April 26-29, 2015
Arlington, VA

At this year's Annual Meeting of the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) , our own Michael Platt presented at a session entitled "Collaborative Technology Real-World Case Studies."
The panel included:

The panel discussed an issue that is important to all stakeholders involved in the development of publications: plagiarism. They reviewed the various detection platforms that are available:

The panel also reviewed three cases:

Plagiarism detection software is widely used to support editorial review throughout the medical research community. Options are available to accommodate the various needs and budget considerations of the pharmaceutical industry, agencies, and the individual authors and editors. All stakeholders involved in publications should include plagiarism detection software in their standard operating practices. They should be utilized whenever engaging with new or contract writers, authors who are developing their own initial or revised drafts, and any time a team member is concerned about potential plagiarism.

To learn more about how to avoid or detect plagiarism, contact Michael Platt using the Contact Us form.