Rare Diseases News

Infantile Spasms Awareness Week (ISAW), December 6-10, 2013

In 2009, the Child Neurology Foundation proudly announced the creation of Infantile Spasms Awareness Week. The goal of IS Awareness Week is to provide pediatricians, child neurologists, parents and caregivers with objective educational tools which will increase awareness and understanding of infantile spasms. Early and aggressive treatment can impact the prognosis of infants diagnosed with IS. more...

Legislative News

Study Finds Bill to Protect Patient Access to Medically Necessary Treatments Would Have Negligible Impact on Insurance Premiums

A bill to protect access to medically necessary treatments for patients with chronic, disabling, and life-threatening conditions would not significantly increase medical insurance premiums according to a study released today by the Coalition for Accessible Treatments. more...

Diabetes News

GW Researchers Receive Grants To Study How Mobile Technology Can Help Patients Manage Diabetes

GW researchers have been awarded two grants from the McKesson Foundation as part of its Mobilizing for Health initiative, an initiative to improve the health of underserved populations with chronic diseases through the use of mobile-phone technology. more...

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MedVal is focused on developing communications vehicles and technology platforms that facilitate and foster communication and information sharing among healthcare professionals, patients, supporters, and caregivers. MedVal's new product, the social network for rare diseases HopefulCircle.org, is an example of our approach.

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